Team Territory

Team Territory has been established as a key reference group of trusted experts that understand the criticality of Operation Rebound and who understand the unique Northern Territory context.

Team Territory will:

  • provide specialist advice to the commission
  • ensure any recommendations of the commission are achievable and deliver real benefits to Territorians in the short, medium and long term of Operation Rebound
  • regularly meet with the chief executive officers on the Jobs Standing Committee of Coord and other relevant agency personnel to ensure accountability for recommendations being implemented
  • provide advice about how recommendations should be amended as circumstances change, where demonstrable outcomes for Territorians can be proven
  • champion the Territory through positive advocacy, and
  • provide six monthly reports on implementation of the final rebound strategy.

Get Team Territory's terms of reference.

Team Territory terms of reference PDF (308.8 KB)
Team Territory terms of reference DOCX (53.3 KB).

Conflict of interest management

A conflict of interest management framework is in place that sets out the responsibilities of, and processes for, all members of Team Territory to declare and manage conflicts of interest.

An independent conflicts of interest advisor has been engaged to oversee the conflict of interest framework during the operations of the Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission and Team Territory.

The members of the Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission and Team Territory have signed a confidentiality and conflicts of interest deed, and are required to register and maintain a list of conflicts of interests with the secretariat executive.

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