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Submission ID 038
Submission date 21 Jul 2020
Contact Linda Difrancesco
Submission represents the view of Linda Difrancesco
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Dear Adani and Santos

I love to pick my pen up, then funny songs I write.

The thought of making people smile, just fills me with delight.

But tonight my pen is angry. For my country I will fight.

To save our Artesian Basin, that is in the miners’ sight.

The mines all say they’re ‘confident’, that their science has it right.

No matter how much they dig and blast, the damage will only be slight.

“Bullshit” is what I say to that. The risk is a huge concern.

This time you are asking way too much. All you see is what you can earn.

It’s not just the mining companies who have their noses in the trough.

Our pollies have let this shit-show go on. And we’ve all had enough!

So very soon the time will come when a decision shall be announced.

And I’m praying hard with all my heart, that this proposal has been trounced.

‘Cause if it’s not I warn them now, that protests will soon start.

To keep their money hungry hands. Off the lifeblood to our heart.

Our pollies let Menindee Lakes be drained, not once but twice.

And our farmers on the Murray-Darling paid a dreadful price.

Our fishing stocks were murdered. And that we won’t forget.

And if they dare ignore our rage. This they will regret.

So this is a poem to rally the troops. For war may be on the way.

And we’ll have to fight like never before, to keep their greedy hands at bay.

Relentless is the miners way. And we’ve drawn a line in the sand.

And I, for one, will put my ass on the line. To save our Great Southern Land.

Kind regards

Linda Difrancesco

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