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Submission ID 028 #
Submission date 10 Jul 2020
Contact Roderick Campbell
Submission represents the view of The Australia Institute
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Attachment 1 Submission from the Australian Institute (186.9 KB)
Attachment 2 Design principles for fiscal policy in a pandemic (400.2 KB)
Attachment 3 Why onshore gas will not help manufacturing in the NT (274.9 KB)
Attachment 4 Fracking and slacking: NT Government subsidies to onshore oil and gas (547.1 KB)
Attachment 5 Getting offset: submission re NT climate change discussion paper (779.3 KB)
Attachment 6 All it's fracked up to be (297.7 KB)
Attachment 7 The macroeconomic impact of the NSW public sector pay cut (200.8 KB)
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