Regional committees

Regional Economic Growth Committees

The Regional Economic Development Committees established for the East Arnhem, Big Rivers and Barkly regions have been refocused to provide advice to government, the Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission and Team Territory on the regional development needs and priorities of the region.

Activate Darwin Advisory Board

  • Ms Anya Lorimer (Chair), Director Campaign Edge Sprout
  • Ms Simone Saunders, CEO City of Darwin
  • Ms Bilawara Lee, Larrakia Elder, Indigenous Leadership Academic – Charles Darwin University
  • Mr Michael Hannon, Director Hannon Group
  • Mr Jason Hanna, Director, Milestone Group
  • Mr Andrew Boller, Director, Boltec Pty Ltd
  • Mr Alex Bruce, Chief Executive Officer, Hospitality NT
  • Mr Mark Garraway, Director, Downtown Pty Ltd and President of the Property Council of Australia (NT)
  • Mr Paul Arnold, Local Government Alderman
  • Mr Simon Niblock
  • Mrs Aithne Archibald, General Manager, Darwin City Retailers’ Association
  • Mr Sam Burke, General Manager, Darwin Waterfront Corporation
  • Ms Bridgette Bellenger, General Manager, Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet
  • Mr Allan McGill, A/CEO, Cullen Bay Marina Management Corporation

Top End Regional Growth Committee

  • Chris Tedcastle - Murin Air (West Daly)
  • Scott McIntyre - Thamarrurr Development Corporation (West Daly)
  • Dr Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr - Green River Aboriginal Corporation (West Daly)
  • Ralph Narburup - West Daly Regional Council (West Daly)
  • Angela Piper - Sealink (Tiwi Islands)
  • Jan Patrick Johnson - Nguiu Ullintjinni Association Incorporated (Tiwi Islands)
  • Mary Dunn - Tiwi Partners, TIRC (Tiwi Islands)
  • Justin O’Brien - Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation (West Arnhem)
  • Bunug Galaminda - Yagbani Aboriginal Corporation (West Arnhem)
  • Jonathan McLeod  - Northern Land Council (NLC) (Top End)

Palmerston and Litchfield Regional Growth Committee

  • Athena Pascoe-Bell, Mayor Palmerston City Council (Co-chair)
  • Doug Barden, Mayor Litchfield Council (Co-chair)
  • Bec Hammet, local business woman
  • Dan Richards, local businessman
  • Matt Hewer, local businessman
  • Rachel Fosdick, local youth engagement
  • Saramat Ruchkaew, local business woman
  • Steven Ehrlich, local businessman
  • Jason Jones, Local Businessman (Rusca Developments)
  • Shaun Pearce, Local Businessman (Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation)

Big Rivers Regional Growth Committee

  • Alison Ross, (Chair), Principal Director, Elders Real Estate
  • Sharon Hillen, General Manager, the Northern Land Council
  • Trent De With, Local business owner
  • Andrew Dalglish, Local business owner
  • Annabel Curtain, Local business owner
  • Colin Abbott, Regional Manager, Chamber of Commerce NT and the Industry Capability Network (ICN) NT
  • Ingrid Stonhill, Chief Executive Officer, Katherine Town Council
  • Marc Gardner, Chief Executive Officer, Roper Gulf Regional Council
  • Russell Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Victoria Daly Regional Council
  • Robbie Friel, Deputy Chairperson, Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation & Chairperson, Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts Culture Centre
  • Tanya Egerton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Circulanation

East Arnhem Regional Growth Committee

  • Klaus Helms (Chair), Gumatj Corporation Limited
  • Jordy Bowman (Vice Chairperson), Developing East Arnhem Limited
  • Jim Rogers, Department of Chief Minister and Cabinet
  • Ali Mills, Nhulunbuy Corporation Limited
  • Ben Mudaliar, National Indigenous Australians Agencies
  • Bill Sankey, Department of Industry Tourism and Trade
  • Lynda Coates (Secretariat), Department of Industry Tourism and Trade
  • Dale Keehne, East Arnhem Regional Council
  • Alicia Sherwood, Rio Tinto
  • Alistair King, Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation
  • Denise Fincham-Thompson, Regional Development Australia Northern Territory
  • Hannah Fincham-Thompson, East Arnhem Land Tourism Association
  • Mark Hewitt, Anindilyakwa Land Council
  • John Hughes, Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation
  • Corallie Ferguson, Groote Eylandt and Bickerton Island Enterprises
  • Greg Ireland, Chamber of Commerce
  • Donna-Marie Grieve, business representative, BIG Carpentry
  • Juli Cathcart, Gong-Dal Aboriginal Corporation
  • Hilary Crawford, Bula’bula Arts Aboriginal Corporation
  • Ian Brown, Arafura Swamp Rangers Aboriginal Corporation
  • Christine Burke, Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation.

Barkly Regional Deal: Economic Growth and Support Working Group

  • Sam Ashton, EGS (Co-Chair), Julalikari
  • Mike Nash, EGS (Member), Mike Nash Electric Pty Ltd
  • Carol Hermans, EGS (Member), Rise Ngurratjuta
  • Brian Curran, EGS (Member), Barkly Plumbing Services
  • Jason Groves, EGS (Member), Goldfields Hotel Motel
  • Elliot McAdam, EGS (Member), Community Member (Retired)
  • Jaymie Coleman, EGS (Resource), Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade
  • Craig Kelly, EGS (Co-Chair), Department of Chief Minister
  • Hannah Murray, EGS (Resource), Northern Territory Cattleman’s Association
  • Robin Gregory, EGS (Resource), Regional Development Australia NT
  • Robert Howard, EGS (Resource), NIAA
  • Sid Vashist, EGS (Resource), Barkly Regional Council
  • Danial Rochford, EGS (Resource), Tourism CA
  • Kim Pastrikos, EGS (Resource), Northern Land Council
  • Geniveive Shultz, EGS (Resource), Central Land Council
  • Harry Abrahams, EGS (Resource), NIAA
  • Sarah De Saville, EGS (Resource), DITRDC
  • Nicole Walsh, EGS (Resource), Chambers of Commerce
  • Andrew Wright, EGS (Resource), Barkly Arts
  • Allen Punch, EGS (Resource), Barkly Aboriginal Alliance
  • Colin Abbott, EGS (Resource), Industry Capability Network
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