Electric Vehicles Charge ahead in the NT

The Territory Government is continuing to address climate risk and create new economic and business opportunities with the release of the Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategy and Implementation Plan.

With renewable energy and electric vehicles, households can reduce vehicle running costs delivering benefits for Territorians and Territory businesses.

Focusing on battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, the Strategy and Implementation Plan will support the uptake of EVs in the NT.

The Strategy also focuses on passenger and light commercial vehicles, as these are most likely to be the areas with the greatest growth in the near future.

The EV Strategy includes a range of actions for implementation over the next five years. Key actions include:

  • Reduced registration and stamp duty fees for Electric Vehicles;
  • Developing a grant program for home, workplace and public EV chargers;
  • Facilitating the installation of more EV charging stations;
  • Supporting local innovation in EV technology;
  • Skills development for EV servicing and EV charging infrastructure installation;
  • Promoting information on EV charging locations; and
  • Increasing the number of EVs in the Northern Territory Government Fleet

The Northern Territory Government is working with other jurisdictions and the Australian Government to coordinate Australia’s transition to low and zero emission vehicles, with the release of the EV Strategy and Implementation Plan setting out a clear direction for the NT.

Investing in Electric Vehicles and providing the necessary infrastructure is in line with the Northern Territory Government’s Roadmap to Renewables, the Climate Change Response and Action Plan and the Digital Territory Strategy.

View the Electric Vehicle Strategy and Implementation Plan

Quotes from Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics and Renewables and Energy, Eva Lawler

“The Territory Government is continuing to address renewables and climate change while creating new business and economic opportunities for Territorians.

“Actions in the Implementation Plan have been directly influenced by feedback from the community, including 79 per cent of respondents supporting the NT Government encouraging EV use and 77 per cent agreeing that now is the right time to encourage EV use. Feedback indicated there is significant support for the NT Government installing EV chargers, as well as setting targets for the NT Government Fleet.

“Implementation of this electric vehicle policy confirms our Government’s actions on addressing climate risk to transition to a low-carbon economy. Responding to climate change will not only help us protect our environment, but will support this new industry and the jobs that come with it."

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