Northern Territory

Achieving a $40 billion economy by 2030

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Jobs first

Recover. Rebuild. Rebound.

The Territory acted swiftly in responding to COVID-19. The Territory economy can rebound and grow by thousands more jobs and billions of dollars by 2030.

With new opportunities for clean energy supply and international data connectivity supporting advanced manufacturing, the Territory can harness its rich natural resources, strong infrastructure potential and hard-working community to consolidate its national and global position as a hotspot for investment and jobs.

Creating jobs
Creating 35,000 more jobs, boosting our population beyond 300,000 and supporting business and the community.
Accelerating investment
Encouraging short-term and long-term investment into the Territory and identifying specific actions to support investment decisions.
Developing industry
Streamlining the development of critical industries including a new gas precinct, land development and new sustainable industries.
Customer service & aftercare
A public service that keeps doing whatever it takes to support business to grow and employ more locals.
Enabling infrastructure
Investing in critical infrastructure including ship lift and solar transformation, and projects that support the development of regions, communities and industries.

Latest news

20 Jul 2020
First report released

The Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission has provided its first report to the Chief Minister.

25 Jun 2020
NT Rebound - share your vision

The Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission is tasked with providing the Chief Minister with independent recommendations on what is needed to rebound the Territory economy off the back of  coronavirus (COVID-19).

19 Jun 2020
Propelling the Territory economy - share your vision

Public submissions are now open to help shape the agenda to propel the Territory’s economic recovery, create jobs and attract more private investment to the Territory.

03 Jun 2020
Establishment of the Central Australian Economic Reconstruction Committee

The Territory Government recognises the importance of Central Australia to the Territory’s recovery efforts and has today announced the membership of the Central Australian Economic Reconstruction Committee (CAERC).

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